June 21, 2014

22 Jump Street (2014)

22 Jump Street (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Country: USA

Movie Review: With the success obtained in 2012 with “21 Jump Street” and boosted by the recently acclaimed “The Lego Movie”, film directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, presents us another juvenile adventure from the undercover cops, Schmidt and Jenko, performed by Jonah Hill (also producer) and Channing Tatum, respectively. Of course this sequel could be defined by the following sentence: two silly cops in a silly mission, results in a silly comedy. But surprisingly, “22 Jump Street” was more cheering than that, presenting some energetic action, funny situations, and a handful of pocket jokes that worked out. Assigned with the mission of finding the supplier of a new drug known as ‘whyphy’ at a local college, the two determined officers will proceed their work taking on different paths. Schmidt is going to operate more in the art field, being a reference in slam poetry and embarking in a prohibited affair with Maya, the daughter of his superior, at the same time that deals with her obnoxious roommate, Mercedes. In turn, Jenko stands out in football, becoming popular among the sportsmen. Evincing a cool attitude and boyish style, our two heroes will solve the case, not without an unnecessary, immoderate finale that sadly hampered the film to be more successful. Beatings, shootings and bullshit, is what to expect from a film that spread enough vitality and some intelligence in its plot in order to distance itself from other recent square comedies such as “Neighbors” or “This is the End”. Better than its predecessor, “22 Jump Street” is undeniably entertaining but leaves us with a pertinent question: do we really need another sequel?

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