November 21, 2012

Natural Selection (2011)

Natural Selection (2011)
Directed by: Robbie Pickering
Country: USA

Summary: Unhappy in her marriage, a woman finds out that her husband has an illegitimate child.
Review: “Natural Selection” is the story of a middle-aged woman pursuing happiness in a desperately way, after several years of marital disillusion. This sounds familiar, but the plot showed some unusual stuff that could have been better used if it was not for the indecision on whether to adopt a funny or a serious approach. This uncertainty thwarted any potential strength and originality depicted, depriving the viewer from taking it on a deeper level. Rachel Harris gets to be annoying on several moments in Robby Pickering’s forgettable debut drama.
Relevant awards: Audience award (Athens); grand jury prize (Indianapolis).

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