November 12, 2012

Alps (2011)

Alps (2011)
Directed by: Giorgos Lanthimos
Country: Greece

Summary: A group of people start a new odd business.
Review: “Alps” is an obscure movie, coming from the director of “Dogtooth” (2009), where the bizarre and obsession interact to provoke the viewer. Lanthimos has something in his favor: he always sets the right mood and pace in order to intrigue us somehow. As expected, “Alps” has a very strong psychological component and easily delivers a sense of loneliness and anguish from their characters. We are talking about a slightly different cult group, but still a harmful group with a stern determination in replacing other people’s lives when they die, just to fill their own emptiness. Dark humor adorns the weirdness of the plot, making “Alps” a good choice for the alternative movies’ fans.
Relevant awards: Best screenplay (Venice); special mention (Sofia).

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