November 22, 2012

Hope Springs (2012)

Hope Springs (2012)
Directed by: David Frankel
Country: USA

Summary: A couple attends counseling sessions after 30 years of marriage.
Review: Written by Vanessa Taylor, whose work is mostly related with TV series, “Hope Springs” is entirely sustained by the performances of Meryl Streep as unhappy wife, and especially Tommy Lee Jones as sullen husband. They transpire frustration and discomfort in their attempt to save their marriage, showing quality and versatility in their work. That’s the only motive why I would recommend “Hope Springs”. Otherwise, it’s the type of predictable plot with a couple of irrelevant details and a soundtrack that didn’t fit well in most of the cases. It gives a class about marriage counseling where the actors shine but without much to take as a lesson. See it at your own risk.

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