November 26, 2012

Fat Kid Rules The World (2012)

Directed by: Matthew Lillard
Country: USA

Summary: Troy is a fat kid with suicidal tendencies. His life will change with a new friendship.
Review: A suicidal kid starts a bond with the guy who saved him from being hit by a bus. His life will change when he was challenged to start playing drums in order to form a punk band with his new popular friend. Adopting a slow indie style that pleases me, the movie turned out to be a disappointment, revealing flabby and uneven situations that didn’t enhance the plot in any way. I can cite two scenes in the situation described above: the opening scene – the miraculous saving, and the ending - where the fat kid’s dad arranges to kidnap his son’s friend from the hospital to make the final concert possible. Despite the effort, this wasn’t a strong start from Matthew Lilllard as director.

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