October 25, 2013

Jump (2012)

Jump (2012) - Movie Review
Directed by: Kieron J. Walsh
Country: Uk / Ireland

Movie Review: “Jump” is an Irish/UK drama based on a stageplay by Lisa McGee and directed by Kieron J. Walsh who has been recently engaged in TV movies and series. The plot, set in Derry’s New Year’s Eve, follows Greta (Nicola Burley), who explains her mother died due to an overdose and her father, the local crime-boss Frank Feeney (Lalor Roddy), just gives her money but not love. She decides to kill herself by jumping from a bridge, wearing a coat with angel’s wings but saying she doesn’t believe in heaven. That’s when Pearse Kelly (Martin McCann) appears, saving her life. He was desperately searching for his missing brother, Sean, a former employee of Limbo’s club whose owner is Greta’s father, and was fleeing from some thugs, accused of stealing a great sum of money from the place. In parallel, we see Greta’s friends, Marie and Dara, night partying, and ended up being involved in this chained story of failed love and crime. The film presents a stirring pace, but many times in a disjointed way, despite of the numerous connections that take place among the characters. While the coincidences were too strained, the structure was interestingly set up with time shifts, and the performances quite satisfying. Although the action side of the story has been OK, the sentimental one just didn’t work well, preventing “Jump” to get even close to those efficient British crime films, such as “Snatch” or “Wild Bill”.

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