October 06, 2013

Bad Milo (2013)

Bad Milo (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Jacob Vaughan
Country: USA

Movie Review: Presented as a tasteless joke, “Bad Milo” is a parody with hints of horror that didn’t achieve its intentions. It was directed by Jacob Vaughan who has been working lately as editor in films such as “Black Rock” or “Jeff, Who Lives At Home”, and counted with Duplass brothers as executive producers. The story is simple-minded and often gross, following Duncan (Ken Marino) who is struggling with something annoying inside his bowels. After consulting a doctor without practical results, he finds out that a horrible little creature is living inside him, occasionally getting out of his ass to kill people he is upset with. Duncan tries to establish a good relationship with the creature calling him Milo. Despite of the help of Highsmith (Peter Stormare), a hypnotherapist, the problem aggravates when Milo becomes more and more raging and uncontrollable with everyone, including Duncan’s family. Repetitive and ordinary, “Bad Milo” fails to engage, and despite being conceived just for the fun of it, becomes repugnant in several scenes. The funniest situations involved people like Duncan’s mother and her super young boyfriend, or a manipulative boss who creates a stressful atmosphere in work. In turn, Milo looks like a hairless Gremlin and was never scary or funny enough. The unattractive cinematography by James Laxton, and Vaughan’s vulgar script, helped to turn this film in…stupid Milo!

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