October 21, 2013

Child's Pose (2013)

Child's Pose (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Calin Peter Netzer
Country: Romania

Movie Review: I was not wrong in expecting quality in “Child’s Pose”, since its script was written by creative Razvan Radulescu, co-writer of “The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu” and “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”. Built with well-worked dialogues and severe postures (nobody smiles here), the story follows Cornelia, a super-protective mother who lives to control her adult son, Barbu. When the latter kills a humble 14-year-old boy in a car accident due to excessive speed driving, she will use her high-society connections and influence to assure that every report and witnesses’ statements would be altered favorably. The title of the movie is quite explanatory, since Barbu is nothing more than a spoiled and irresponsible man who needs desperately her mother to cover up his reckless deeds but at the same time is completely suffocated by her obsessive control. Therefore, “Child’s Pose” works simultaneously as a compelling character study and poignant criticism of a decaying society where the power of money and socialite connections see no limits. Cornelia’s contempt regarding the victim’s family was outrageous and was able to infuriate me. However, an ambivalent finale expects you to make your own judgment of the situation. Netzer’s direct approach and shaken zooming camera not always led to good results, but the story was too interesting, for us to bother with it. The film won this year’s Golden Berlin Bear and counted with an inspired performance by Luminita Gheorghiu.

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