October 11, 2013

Bless Me, Ultima (2013)

Bless Me, Ultima (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Carl Franklin
Country: USA

Movie Review: Deeply involved in TV series since 1997, writer/director Carl Franklin (“One False Move”, “Devil In A Blue Dress”) took time to make a faithful adaptation of Rudolfo Anaya’s novel “Bless Me, Ultima”. The story, set in the 40’s New Mexico, depicts the special relationship between a sensitive young boy, Antonio, and an elderly healer called Ultima, who despite inoffensive has the reputation of being a witch. Both will join efforts to fight the evil, personified in the character of Tenorio and his malevolent daughters whose witchcraft practices almost killed Antonio’s uncle. Antonio revealed to be a likeable, large-hearted little boy with a strong personality, who was struggling to find answers for all his innocent but pertinent questions about God. Superbly narrated by Antonio’s adult voice, the film creates a sort of uneasiness by opposing beautiful images of the fields, blue sky, and quiet harvestings, to those of evilness and thirst for revenge. Tension was well set through the mystery, mysticism, and superstition associated to the eternal battle between good and evil. Some viewers may not identify themselves with this odd tale that asks ‘why there is so much evil in the world?’ without trying to answer it. However, the quality of Franklin’s filmmaking is undeniable. I have a little remark concerning the score though: the panpipe music was played perhaps too often.

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