September 10, 2013

You're Next (2011)

You're Next (2011) - Movie Review
Directed by: Adam Wingard
Country: USA

Movie Review: “You’re Next” is a fierce horror movie that exhibits sufficient gore and terrifying scenes to please the genre fans. The story is centered in the dysfunctional Davidson family whose gathering in their country house, ends up in a bloody old-fashioned mayhem. Every member of the family starts to be victimized one by one, falling at the hands of a merciless psychopath whose identity is hidden behind a sheep mask. The film uses tension with wisdom, with the family's screams and adequate score serving as a booster to the thrilling cat and mouse games. There is no time to be sad here, because the killer seems to be lurking at every corner. The plot reserves good surprises and sometimes a sinister humor, unraveling abominable dark secrets that will leave you occasionally breathless. As the only setback, I can point the extreme violent scenes near the final, which didn’t add anything relevant to the inventive story. In a general way, the performances were not bad at all, and Wingard’s direction was attentive enough to all the important factors that could shake your senses. It’s true that nothing seems new in this picture, but if you don’t mind excruciating violence and are willing for a good dose of adrenaline, “You’re Next” can be a good solution. Screenwriter Simon Barrett, also co-produced and played one of the murderers, in a film that was shot in 2011 at an old mansion in Columbia, Missouri.

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