September 08, 2013

A Teacher (2013)

A Teacher (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Hannah Fidell
Country: USA

Movie Review: “A Teacher” depicts another teacher/student relationship, created by director, producer, and screenwriter Hannah Fidell. Diana (Lindsay Burdge) is a High-School teacher in Austin, Texas, who is widely immersed in a relationship with her student Eric Tull (Will Brittain). With some rumors in School about other similar cases of infringement, Diana lives with a constant dread that her secret may be uncovered. Eric, in turn, seems carefree and decided to enjoy every moment with her. After a certain episode when they were spending a weekend in a ranch, Diana starts to show signs of discomfort, and her fear soon falls in mistrust and anxiety. The relation starts to deteriorate, but the dependence on Eric makes her too exposed, putting her profession in jeopardy. The story plays with Diana’s emotional instability, placing face-to-face desire and moral concerns. It’s also evident that Diana has pending problems with her family (we just aren’t told which ones), acting like traumatized when facing them; this point just serves to reinforce her loneliness and dependency on this new love. Not being particularly new and lacking the surprise factor, “A Teacher” was nicely shot and addressed with sobriety within a correct pace, though I believe that Fidell could have developed her characters and story in more depth, so they don't seem so vague in particular aspects. Special mention to Lindsay Burdge who was convincing as the depressive teacher.

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