September 09, 2013

Jobs (2013)

Jobs (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Joshua Michael Stern
Country: USA

Movie Review: One of the worst biopics I’ve seen recently, “Jobs” is a wretched, savorless portrait of Steve Jobs, for many years the brain behind the Apple computers. The film, directed by the heavy-handed Joshua Michael Stern, follows Jobs’s career from his earlier years in Palo Alto, California, where he founded the company in his garage when still a college student, until the golden years when he was recognized as one of the most creative and visionary entrepreneurs in the technological field. Obviously, Steve Jobs and Apple cannot be dissociated, but the story was written (by Matt Whiteley) in such way that became boring, in all its technical aspects, business stratagems, and broken partnerships. I felt that its creators were more concerned in painting the character in its own way and elucidate us about Apple’s history than really construct a good, interesting biography. Many scenes were close to ridiculousness and the bad taste on the soundtrack just increased my discontentment. Ashton Kutcher did what he could (at least Job’s way of walking was there), but was dragged by the almost commercial vision set up here, and ultimately ended up unnoticed. Contrived in every way and never gratifying, I have nothing more to say about the wearisome “Jobs”, a film that gave me little to enjoy.

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