September 24, 2013

+1 (2013)

+1 (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Dennis Iliadis
Country: USA

Movie Review: The third feature film from Greek-born filmmaker Dennis Iliadis (“Hardcore”, “The Last House On The Left”) is a comedy turned into supernatural thriller that works fine during the first half but gradually loses power and interest as it comes to an end. David (Rhys Wakefield) and Jill (Ashley Hinshaw) seem to be a very passionate couple who care for each other. One day, after Jill’s fencing game, David was caught kissing her opponent and the couple eventually split up. Next time they cross again, in a huge college party in a friend’s house, David will do everything he can to bring his relationship with Jill into good terms, but some supernatural occurrences will difficult his mission. When they found out that this strange effect caused the duplication of each of them, the chaos soon is installed among the young students. Time seems to shift back, giving the possibility to remake what was done shortly before, but the real question is to know if they are the real ones or their doubles. The film starts to be funny, presenting a certain mood and energy that was appreciated, but somehow it became confusing since the moment that everybody decides to kill their duplicates. From that moment on, the farce was never handled in a satisfying way, a fact that was reinforced with its insufficient finale and the amount of unanswered questions left behind. With a lame script, “+1” was able to minimally entertain, working far better as crazy-wild comedy rather than thriller, but as a whole it was far from convincing.

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