April 21, 2013

Resolution (2012)

Resolution (2012)
Directed by: Justin Benson / Aaron Moorhead
Country: USA

Review: “Resolution” intended to be a thriller but for me it didn’t work exactly as that. It starts with Michael deciding to search for his best friend Chris, whose addiction to drugs is making him aggressive and dangerous. Michael’s plan consisted in handcuffing him for four days in the cabin where he was living, located in an Indian reservation, and then send him to rehab. But during that period, unexplainable events start to occur. The story is filled with unclear menaces, unexpected appearances, and weird conversations. Some unforeseen encounters with strange people were set up purposely to confound us and arouse our curiosity. The problem is the number of times that this situation was repeated throughout the film, falling in a boring cadence that made me give up for searching something tangible or coherent. Michael transforms himself in a sort of detective, trying to find out more about the videotapes, vinyl records, film reels, photographs, or old books that were mysteriously appearing, while Chris’ hangover and behavior were never convincing. “Resolution” stands closer to adventure genre than properly thriller or horror, preferring the rawness to the aesthetic, and adopting a casual and talkative posture that often conflicts with the moments of insecurity that wants to create. The way it was cooked didn’t catch me, failing to convey real paranoia or intrigue me with its inconsequent clues.

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  1. Reminds me of Sinister with the 8mm film and projector magically appearing in the attic but at least in that picture that was part of its supernatural horror aspect and explained well


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