April 01, 2013

Modus Anomali (2012)

Modus Anomali (2012)
Directed by: Joko Anwar
Country: Indonesia

Review: “Modus Anomali” is a perfect example of a great idea wasted by its execution. It tried to disorient and induce paranoia with its claustrophobic scenes and almost experimental approach, but revealed a sort of amateurism both in direction and acting. The story begins with a man asking for help after having escaped from being buried alive in a secluded forest. He seemed to be searching for his own identity and family, but after a while we get to know that the reality was very different from what appeared to be. Despite the surprising conclusion evidenced by the plot, the struggle to find some comprehensive guideline among the incoherent signs and situations, led me to exasperation. The visual aspect didn't help, when unattractive dark plans were used to show the overnight manhunt, creating an almost imperceptible environment that couldn't be less scary. The film plays more with disturbing sounds, attempting to pass a sensation of being lost in the immensity of a forest. Once in a while, these sounds are interrupted by screams and questions thrown in the air in order to increase thrill. Imaginative Joko Anwar didn’t reveal enough skills as director as showed as a writer. Hardly frightful and impaired by Rio Dewanto's awful performance, “Modus Anomali” proved to be obtuse in many ways.

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