April 11, 2013

De Marathon (2012)

De Marathon (2012)
Directed by: Diederick Koopal
Country: Netherlands

Review: This Dutch film mixes mockery and sentiment with good intentions but not always in the best way, to depict the adventures of a garage owner and his four employees, when they discover that their job is at risk due to a huge tax debt. The solution found consisted in participating in Rotterdam marathon and try to obtain sponsorships, but the plan ended up in a risky bet. To delineate the characters, the film switches between the good-disposition at work and the troubles at home. Gerard, the garage owner, finds out he has cancer and is struggling to give the best education to his adolescent son; Kees has to deal with the fanaticism of his religious wife; Nico, unable to have a relationship with a woman, starts to become aware of his homosexuality; Leo left his unfaithful wife and now has a child at his charge; the Egyptian Youssoef is the garage’s freshman and will be the team’s trainer. In this intermittent comedy, which created more predictable situations than fresh ones, we could sense the enjoyment of the actors while playing their parts. Unfortunately some strained scenes in the final moments, restrained the prospects of “De Marathon” become more successful. Even trying to rise above its possibilities, the result is a regular dramatic comedy that lives from the comical facet of its characters.

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