April 27, 2013

Graceland (2012)

Graceland (2012)
Director: Ron Morales
Country: Philippines

Review: “Graceland” is the second feature film directed by Ron Morales, who is best known as an experienced key grip (lighting and rigging technician), having participated in 41 titles, including “The Departed”, “Spider Man 3” or “My Sassy Girl”. Set and filmed in the Philippines, the story centers in a kidnapping that went too far. For eight years, Marlon works as a chauffeur for a corrupt and pedophile congressman, feeling guilty for having to cover-up his recurrent sexual crimes. His daughter Elvie attends the same class as Sophia, his boss's daughter, being best friends for a long time. Certain day, when driving them home from school, Marlon’s car was ambushed by a man disguised of policeman whose goal was to kidnap the congressman’s daughter. However, things didn’t went as expected, and Marlon, cornered between the kidnappers’ orders and a bribed policeman, will try his best to solve the situation. Not so radically explicit as Brillante Mendoza’s “Kinatay”, “Graceland” (what an ironic title!) aims to criticize the Philippine society, showing criminality, corruption, and hypocrisy as part of the day-to-day life. The film was well shot, using both desolated and chaotic landscapes to enhance the sense of helplessness and despair. In a dark tone, Morales was able to make the story flow at a good pace, creating suspenseful moments until reach the unexpected conclusions. A solid thriller.

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