March 12, 2014

Torn (2013)

Torn (2013)
Directed by: Jeremiah Birmbaum
Country: USA / Pakistan

Movie Review: Producer-turned-director Jeremiah Birnbaum has in “Torn” his first directorial solo film. A drama that explores the anguish of two distinct families, one American and other Pakistani, after learn that their juvenile sons were killed in a moll terrorist bombing that victimized ten more people. Moreover, police has motives to believe that one of them was the responsible for the bombing, causing apprehension and revolt in their parents. The two mothers will maintain contact, not without some aggression and prejudice, but soon will realize their unfair behavior towards a very difficulties and inconclusive case. I found a bit forced the way Michael Richter, the writer, arranged all the pieces to turn the story upside down, creating unexpectedly the rupture in one of the families and reconnection in the other. With exception of Dendrie Taylor, the performances weren’t always convincing, making the film equal to so many others dramas that couldn’t find a way, both artistic and narrative, to excel in the genre. Birnbaum’s direction also didn’t satisfy completely, often allowing unpolished images with excess of whites, fact that on purpose or not, is not for my particular taste. In the end we are presented with instants of that fatal day – do they change anything? “Torn” was considered best feature film at Rhode Island International Film Festival.

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