March 06, 2014

Grand Piano (2013)

Grand Piano (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Eugenio Mira
Country: Spain

Movie Review: Spanish thriller “Grand Piano” stars Elijah Wood as Tom Selznick, a talented pianist who returns to concerts after a five-year hiatus due to an almost incontrollable stage fright. Accusing the responsibility of having his fans and media with an eye on him, Tom cannot hide his deepest fear but this time seems decided to cause good impression. He just wasn’t prepared to be threatened with death by an alleged hitman who forbade him to play a single wrong note during the concert. Emma, his famous wife sitting in the audience, becomes another easy target for the madman who communicates with the musician via cell-phone, while he plays the most difficult pieces of his mentor, Gudureaux. Tension is mixed with an unconvincing, humorous tone that never causes the desired effects of involving us in the implausible and forced situations, hopelessly impossible to be taken seriously. Throughout the entire concert, Tom communicates with his persecutor through an earpiece, occasionally stopping to play and leaving the room in order to find the man’s identity and motives. While the band keeps playing, a ridiculous game of cat and mouse is created, and we breathe an unnatural atmosphere that in nothing contributes to elevate its far-fetched plot written by Damien Chazelle (“The Last Exorcism Part II”, “Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench”) whose next directorial feature “Whiplash” is very much awaited. I only found “Grand Piano” slightly entertaining, becoming an ‘out of tune’ piece of cinema within the ‘songbook’ of the genre.

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