March 10, 2014

Mister John (2013)

Mister John (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Joe Lawlor, Christine Molloy
Country: Ireland / UK / Singapore

Movie Review: “Mister John” is an Irish/UK/Singapore subtle thriller directed by husband-and-wife duo Joe Lawlor and Christy Molloy. The film opens with the image of a body floating in a Singapore’s lakeshore. The victim is John, an Irish man who ran a night bar in Singapore with his wife Kim (Zoe Tay). The latter will meet her brother-in-law, Jeff (Aiden Gillen), who arrived at the hospital to identify the body and later to attend to his brother’s funeral. Having some problems with his wife back in London, the overtired Jeff gets dangerously closer to Kim, while trying to find more about the death occurred in mysterious circumstances. Suspicions fall in one of John’s best friends, Lester, but all the insinuations are both inconclusive and deceivable. Without much to do, Jeff still has time to interview young girls to be hired for Kim’s hostess bar called ‘Mister Johns’, after has been bitten by a snake. Most of these happenings were wrapped in dreamlike tones, and were causing Jeff’s pain and lack of control. The complexity of the main character oscillates between real and calculated, and the same happens with the plot – we never know what to count with or where the things are going. This could be an advantage, but in this particular case it didn’t work out satisfactorily. During its non-shocking final minutes, I had the sensation that all was too shallow to hide any profound secret. Gillen and Tay’s performances were acceptable, while direction showed positive aspects, hopefully to be used in a stronger future plot.

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