January 19, 2014

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2013)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Arvin Chen
Country: Taiwan

Movie Review: Taiwanese-American Arvin Chen’s second feature-film uses appeaser tones to depict sexuality issues and uncertainty in life. The film gives us a sort of lesson by concentrating a couple of stories that oppose each other. Weichung seems happily married with Feng, with whom he had a son, but their relationship lacks fire and life becomes monotonous for both. The reason is that Weichung is gay, and during nine years he tried to deceive himself by thinking he could live the ‘normal’ family life he had carefully planned. On the other hand, Weichung’s sister, Mandy, suddenly cancels her wedding with San-San because she’s afraid of the future and routine tasks of a married woman. The themes are strong and legitimate but the ethereal tones and predominating floating score presented throughout the film, paints everything pinky too quickly. We get aware of the problems almost only through the characters’ expression, with Cheng trying to avoid real conflict among the characters. I believed he tried to create a charming atmosphere, but analyzing the adopted approach and looking deeper, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” was not so original or special, despite the humanity revealed. In the final we get everyone happy and a smiley future will shine for all the involved, whether through togetherness or separation. A generous drama, yet just a bit soapy for me…

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