January 20, 2014

Viva La Libertà (2013)

Viva La Libertà (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Roberto Andó
Country: Italy

Movie Review: “Viva La Libertà” is a political dramedy directed with passion by Roberto Andó, based on his own novel. The film depicts the atypical story of Enrico Oliveri, the secretary of the main Italian opposition party, who after a depressive crisis, decides to avoid responsibilities, abandoning his tiresome life and traveling to Paris where he will be received by an actress friend and former lover, Danielle, now married with a famous filmmaker. His absence will cause the chaos inside the party, which isn’t seen as a good alternative to the actual government, according to the latest opinion polls. That’s when an assistant who operates behind the scenes, Andrea Bottini, with the approval of Enrico’s wife, comes with the only possible solution: to occupy the vacant post with Enrico’s twin brother Giovani Ernani, a creative philosopher who suffers from bipolar depression. With the twins extremely well adapted to their new lives, a bunch of risky, funny, and occasionally improbable situations will take place. As usual, Toni Servillo has a superb performance, being impressive in the way he gives shape to the two twins – Enrico, more pensive and sufferer, while Giovani was more seductive and spirited. Even if the script is difficult to believe in its whole, “Viva La Libertà” put on the screen the expressive and ironic elements so characteristic of Italian cinema, whereas madness, dance, passionate romance, and fervent speeches, kept the film well alive.

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