January 14, 2014

In a World (2013)

In a World (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Lake Bell
Country: USA

Movie Review: “In a World” is an enjoyable comedy that depicts intelligently a group of well-defined characters. Lake Bell is the star of the film, doing a pretty good job, not only as actress and producer, but also directing her first feature film. Carol Salomon is a vocal coach who’s trying to get some appreciation for her talent as a voice-over, a feature that her father, Sam, is the main reference. The selfish Sam doesn’t give enough credit to his daughter's work and even throws her out of his place to live with his much younger girlfriend. In order to promote the upcoming film series “The Amazon Games”, she will have the opportunity to be chosen and give voice to the movie-trailer, having to compete against her father and Gustav Warner, a spoiled rich man with whom she has a one night stand after a party. The desirable support will come from her sister, Dani, who are passing through a huge crisis in her marriage, and her friend and producer, Louis, who is deeply in love with her. The story was well cooked, with time to develop the characters and presenting awkwardly funny situations in a controlled way. The direction was surprisingly non-static and effective, proving that Lake Bell has another talent to be acknowledged rather than acting. “In a World” stood out for its humanity and positivity, in place of dramatically forced situations or foolishness, commonly used in this kind of comedies. It wasn’t perfect in every sense, but the easiness evinced in the approach, guaranteed a pleasant and relaxed session.

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