November 16, 2013

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Alan Taylor
Country: USA

Movie Review: “Thor: The Dark World” is just another superhero flick based on a well known Marvel character and directed by Alan Taylor (“Sopranos TV series”), who gives his first steps on the genre. The result was weak, in a story where banality is around, focusing more in the splendorous images and special effects than properly in any other aspect. The story follows the battle between Asgard’s heroes Thor, his brother Loki, and his father Odin, against the super-villain Malekith, an ancient menace for their peaceful kingdom. To heat things up, romance is also introduced when Jane Foster reunites the team, unfortunately already contaminated by Malekith’s poisonous substance called Aether. More pompous than complex, and much more visual than mindful, “Thor” practically didn’t have any impact on me. The truth is that I’m getting sick of these Marvel stories, more and more hackneyed with its cheap tricks and effects, lack of humor, and most important, a complete incapacity to create real amusement with its adventures. Thor, for instance, almost didn’t seem the main character, completely swallowed by his brother Loki’s charisma and presence. For my personal taste, fill the screen with action is not enough, and this new Marvel adventure, even in that aspect, wasn’t particularly tasteful, carrying out scenes that appeared to be reformulated for worse. Director Alan Taylor is one who must have enjoyed this experience, since another blockbuster, “Terminator”, is in his schedule with release announced for 2015.

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