November 03, 2013

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallée
Country: USA

Movie Review: Canadian filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée proves his enormous quality and versatility with this 100% American film about the battle of a Texan electrician and rodeo rider, Ron Woodroof (Mathew McConaughey), against pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and the authorities, after he was diagnosed with HIV. In 1986 he was told he would have only 30 days to live, in a time where AIDS was practically unknown and some medicines were being tested in first hand experiments. Getting progressively worse with the consumption of AZT, the only legal drug approved by FDA and administrated in hospitals, Ron decides to try alternative treatments, following the methods of a doctor who operates illegally outside the country. The success obtained led him to the idea of opening the Dallas Buyers Club, a place where paying members could find help on these non-toxic medicines. In order to do that, Ron will have to work hard to give up his drug addiction, as well as his homophobic behaviors. Matthew McConaughey has another memorable performance, well seconded by Jared Leto in the role of a transgender fellow patient and business partner. Vallée’s direction was noteworthy and straightforward, grabbing us intelligently for an authentic story. The lack of sentimentalism was another point in favor of this engrossing drama that, regardless how slovenly its characters might be, has a lot to teach about humanity and will to live.

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  1. Saw this today. An excellent film. McConaughey and Leto both were brillant and deserve serious consideration for big awards.


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