November 26, 2013

Doomsdays (2013)

Doomsdays (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Eddie Mullins
Country: USA

Movie Review: Darkly funny and sufficiently anarchic in concept to arise curiosity, “Doomsdays” contributes to maintain the American independent cinema in good health. The story follows two buddies, Dirty Fred (Justin Rice) and Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick), who fearing the end of the world, decide to live aimlessly, breaking into empty rich houses in upstate New York where they stay until be discovered. Once inside a house, the buddies act very distinctively. While Dirty Fred quietly sits, reads, and drinks compulsively, Bruho entertains himself destroying cars and whatever comes to his mind. Their favorite games vary from punching each other’s arms to pissing in the face of whoever falls asleep. Seemingly enjoying this adventurous life, the pair will be joined by other two wandering fellows, the discarded teen Jaidon and the attractive Reyna. The story succeeds in part due to its dark humor and complete commitment from the actors, who confess that some of the scenes became accidentally improvised. In the other hand, some stuff seemed too childish to totally engage but the film was never pretentious or seemed out of reality, despite the outer-reality of its characters. At least, former critic and debutant writer/director, Eddie Mullins, was able to put originality in a story that lives from the individual experiences and transformations of its characters, rather than looking for a logical sequence of a plot, which as a whole was not so valuable. 

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