June 21, 2013

Unfinished Song (2012)

Unfinished Song (2012)
Directed by: Paul Andrew Williams
Country: UK / Germany

Review: Veteran actors Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave try to give the best expression to “Unfinished Song”, a story that seemed familiar to me since its start, making me guess with very little error margins what would come next, at every point of the plot. After some minor exercises on horror, filmmaker Paul Andrew Williams continues searching for a convenient cinema that can bring him the desired success. His fourth feature film sought support on music to depict the drama of a stubborn old man who slowly realized he had to change his life as soon as possible, after the death of his wife. He will achieve that with the help of Elizabeth, the daring young leader of the local elderly choir. Terence Stamp was equal to himself in the role of the crabber widower, but was the joyous Gemma Arterton who stood out. The musical moments, alternating between rejoicing and profound, didn’t impose a convincing tone. In turn, the dramatic side produced a couple of tender moments that touched me, but the course of the story didn’t add anything that I wasn’t expecting, letting foreseen a happy ending on the horizon. The humor was nothing special either, and “Unfinished Song” got lost in the trap of good-hearted cinema with predictable twists and common conclusion, being recommended only for those sentimental viewers who don’t mind to watch recurrent dramatic plots, over and over again.

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