June 29, 2013

Mon Ami (2012)

Mon Ami (2012)
Directed by: Rob Grant
Country: Canada

Review: Teddy (Mike Kovac) and Callum (Scott Wallis) are employees in Hal’s Hardware store and best friends since childhood. Aiming a better life, they decide to kidnap their boss’ beautiful daughter, Crystal (), but what was planned to be a simple and efficient plan, soon became a bloody nightmare. The jokes and attempts to create funny situations, do not always hit the target, but the addition of suspenseful elements to create horror scenes that were presented in tones of farce were satisfyingly amusing. Despite being more artisans of foolishness than of crime, these two friends can be considered psychopaths worthy of any horror movie, evincing a dark, sarcastic humor that reminded me the animated characters of Beavis and Butt-head but without any musical connotation. The tightness of their friendship could be seen through the constant covering up to any issue that might appear, as well as Cal’s jealousy regarding Teddy’s wife, whose appearance in the final moments seemed to take the craziness to extreme proportions. “Mon Ami” belongs to those kind of movies in which stupidity fits well, providing enough surprises to maintain the levels of interest. It’s a stirring comedy that has nothing new to say or show, but certainly provides some entertainment, which will be greater if watched in a crowded theater.

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