June 20, 2013

Man Of Steel (2013)

Man Of Steel (2013)
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Country: USA

Review: “Man Of Steel” marks the return of Superman by the hand of Zack Snyder, a filmmaker who is well known for graphical exaggerations, as can be confirmed in previous works such as “300”, “Watchmen” or “Sucker Punch”. This one is no exception, and most of the scenes rely on technically crafted visuals filled with special effects in order to construct futuristic scenarios and scenes of massive destruction. The film tells the story of Kryptonian Kal-El, sent to Earth by his parents after the planet Krypton has faced imminent destruction, to be adopted and raised by the Kent family who gave him the name Clark. Since childhood, Clark was aware of his super powers, becoming the great protector of our world under the name of Superman. The story showed potentiality, but the fierce action was always the first concern through images of crashing planes, buildings being smashed, and explosions everywhere throughout the sky and land. Funny moments would have been important to achieve the right balance but they were very scarce, and the sense of adventure was swallowed by raging battles against the immoral invaders commanded by General Zod. With an extremely high budget and a superb cast that wasn’t bad at all, this super production overdid the chaotic scenarios of the city and didn’t spread the joy needed to stand out. Amy Adams was my favorite as Lois Lane, in a roistering film that happened to be shallow.

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