March 12, 2013

The We And The I (2012)

The We And The I (2012)
Directed by: Michael Gondry
Country: USA / UK / France

Review: Michael Gondry will have to continue searching for his creative side, which is still missing since his debut “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”. “The We And The I” is a sort of Spike Lee joint that tries to show how High School students behave when together. Throughout its entire duration, we can follow the discussions and provocative behaviors from a group of teen students who cross the Bronx neighborhoods inside a bus. The movie partly succeeds in showing how nasty these kids can be, but my patience has its limits. After so many verbal disputes, violence threats, games, revelations concerning sexual adventures, confessions, pranks and mockeries, we become weary of this muddled scenario, wondering where Gondry was trying to take us. Unfocused, this movie could not hide some dissimulation in its characters; even the bus driver was portrayed as immature. I expected something more creative than just showing, in a rough manner, how these wild kids behave in adolescence. The personal issues of the characters almost didn’t have expression when compared with the central problem of a youth in decadence, which in turn, was depicted without a point of view or message.

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