March 09, 2013

The End Of Love (2012)

The End Of Love (2012)
Directed by: Mark Webber
Country: USA

Review: Mark Webber shows his skills as director, actor, and writer, with “The End Of Love”, his second film behind the cameras. Using simple processes, the film was made almost like a documentary, where most of the actors play themselves. Mark is a comfortless actor whose wife died in a car accident, leaving a two-year-old child at his care. Isaac is a fantastic kid and a real movie star; it’s impossible not to be fond of him. Yet, he takes much of his dad's time. Mark starts showing signs of tiredness and emotional instability. Moreover, he is struggling to pay his rent and debts, but ultimately had no luck on getting small parts in cinematic projects. Everything seemed to start changing when he gets to know Lydia, the owner of a kindergarten, but Mark loses himself too quickly in words like love or marry. The film has consumed too much time on Isaac’s scenes and didn't take advantage from what this romance had to offer. I ended with a terrible sensation that the story didn’t give everything it should; just like an underdeveloped exercise that leave us wanting to know more about its characters. 

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