March 08, 2013

Reality (2012)

Reality (2012)
Directed by: Matteo Garrone
Country: Italy / France

Review: “Reality” confirms Matteo Garrone as a filmmaker to keep an eye on. After the raw look into the organized crime of Neapolitan Mafia with “Gomorrah”, he now presents us with an interesting character study, which also aims to be a criticism of the society we live in. Luciano is a talkative fishmonger from Naples who dreams to be famous. Taking advantage of having known a famous artist who was connected to the Italian ‘Big Brother’ reality show, he manages to get an audition in Rome. Counting on the support of his family and all the inhabitants of Naples, Luciano earnestly believes he is going to be called for the show. As the time passes by, he becomes suspicious about the strangers in town, convincing himself that they work for 'Big Brother'. Feeling constantly observed, he develops an uncontrollable obsession, which not even family, friends or religion, can stop. Assuming the typical Italian exuberance, this satire never loses intensity, denoting genuine comical moments, stirring alienation, and powerful images. Aniello Arena has here a dream debut in the role of Luciano. “Reality” won the Grand Prize of The Jury at Cannes, and should not be missed.

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