August 26, 2013

Sparrows Dance (2012)

Sparrows Dance (2012) - Movie Review
Directed by: Noah Buschel
Country: USA

Review: The fourth feature-film written and directed by Noah Buschel is assuredly his most interesting work, once it represents a compelling indie romance with considerable amounts of freshness added. The plot is firmly based on the character of a young actress (Marin Ireland) who lately lives enclosed in a small apartment due to suffer from agoraphobia. And what a curious character she was! Her day consists of routines such as watching TV, order food by phone, peeking through her windows, training on an exercise bike, and occasionally stimulating herself when she hears her neighbors having sex. Despite trying to avoid everyone who might come to her door, one day she was forced to let a plumber in when her toilet overflowed. Wes (Paul Sparks), the plumber, revealed to be attentive and talkative, arising the woman’s curiosity, especially after she finds that he was also a skilled saxophone player. A romance was on sight, and the woman’s need for human contact increases, but how will he handle a relationship with such a strange, complicated woman? Pure, weird, intelligent, and engaging, “Sparrows Dance” gives a new perspective to the romantic genre with delicious details on direction. At night in the bedroom, the couple’s faces illuminated by a blinking red light from an outdoor neon sign, triggers shy, quiet, and intimate conversations, which will lead to the not so innovative but quite rewarding consideration that love changes everything.

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  1. This movie just oozes style, the whole film I was enguaged. Paul Sparks got to show a bit more of his range and Marin Ireland holds the screen like a pro.


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