August 04, 2013

Jug Face (2013)

Jug Face (2013)
Directed by: Chad Crawford Kinkle
Country: USA

Review: Chad Crawford Kinkle’s first feature film, “Jug Face”, is a limited exercise on horror/thriller. The story centers on Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter), the younger child of a weird, southern couple, who got pregnant from her brother. To complicate the things even more, her family belongs to a backwoods community that made a strange pact with an evil spirit that dwells in a pit. From time to time, The Pit demands the sacrifice of a chosen inhabitant whose head is sculpted in a jug. Unfortunately, the next victim would be Ada and her unborn son, if she didn’t have stolen the jug face. From that moment on, she became haunted by the visions of their god-creature who they called The Pit, having frequent seizures in which she could see several killings. At the start, the weird ambiance was catchy, provoking distressing sensations, but as the killings were occurring, the film loses some consistency, especially after we realize that the story won’t take us anywhere, considering the few community members that remained to be sacrificed. Kinkle gave good indications on direction, showing that in a near future, he might be capable of impress us in a good way. For now, “Jug Face” was simply a somewhat bizarre film, which was not so gripping after all.

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