February 20, 2013

Everyday (2012)

Everyday (2012)
Directed by: Michael Winterbottom
Country: UK

Review: Filmed in England for a five-year period, Michael Winterbottom’s “Everyday” adopts a realistic approach to depict the struggle of Karen (Shirley Henderson) whose husband Ian (John Simm) was arrested for smuggling drugs. The plot consists on the every day’s routine for this woman, who has to work hard but at the same time tries to give the best education to her four children, even if she has to leave them with neighbors for considerable periods of time. The frequent visits to prison to see her husband in addition with the specific days that he gets authorization to leave in parole, represent brief moments of joy and caring for all the family. But Karen often feels lonely and vulnerable, assuming a new love affair. With natural performances and a way of filmmaking that refuses to be standardized, “Everyday” feels authentic, mixing moments of intensity and pain, with other of tenderness and beauty. Just a remark: despite its short duration, I sensed that the film needed to be trimmed a little more, especially before its final moments. A well worthy film, anyway.

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