February 16, 2013

Children Of Sarajevo (2012)

Children Of Sarajevo (2012)
Directed by: Aida Begic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina / others

Review: Aida Begic’s new feature film has clear intentions to denounce what is going on in today’s post-war Bosnia. Using a shaky hand camera, Bejic centers on the life of siblings Rahima and Nedim. Rahima works hard in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant, not only to pay her bills and rent but also to keep the custody of his younger brother Nedim, taken out recently from an orphanage. Nedim is diabetic, reckless and often behaves like a delinquent, but Rahima won’t give up on him. Even though nothing has been said about Rahima's past, it’s clear that the war is still present in her memory, while religious faith works as an attempt to redeem herself from the past. Everything is surrounded by misery due to the Balkan conflict and actual economic crisis, but Rahima’s love for her brother will give her strength and hope to fight for a decent and honest life. Even if she has to face social class differences, religious prejudices or slanders. “Children of Sarajevo” received a special distinction in Cannes' Un Certain Regard section.

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