October 25, 2012

Conquest 1453 (2012)

Directed by: Faruk Aksoy
Country: Turkey

Summary: After the death of his father Murat II, Mehmet II ascends to the Ottoman throne.
Review: This showy production from Turkey was a big disillusion. The historical context of the plot wasn’t enough to save it from all kinds of clich├ęs that you can imagine. Based on the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks with Sultan Mehmed II in command, “Conquest 1453” is overextended and hyper-saturated both in colors and battles. Made for the masses, its musical score just creates an illusion of great intensity warlike scenes and dramatic situations without any positive effect. To avoid!
Relevant awards: -


  1. The critic is mirrored the truth. It does not deserve 7.9 points on IMDB. The points comes from ignorant Turkish people.

    1. i am a turk and i think you are right, this movie is not good at all, with there wannabee special effects and some stupid scenes, the only thing that is historical accurate is the concuring date of constantinopel

  2. For me it's a mystery too how this movie has so high score on IMDB ratings!!

  3. There are certain flaws, Seems movie made to please current mindset. Ottoman administration was far from islamic. However islam used for political purposes like many great empires used various religions to control the society. Crusaders being portrayed like religious warriors. Reality is Crusaders are antichrist terrorist armies. Killed tens of thousands innocents including a huge proportion of christians. Turks never followed shariah Law, Actual Ottoman Law was based on Shaman and Judaist (Turks are children of Khazarian empire) origin rules and secular most of the time.

    I guess rating deserves around 6.50 considering that movie is first of its kind in Turkish film industry and some fragments of historical facts provided while the movie producers dont claim movie can be historical reference but rather fictionalized.

    However in context movie gives distorted images about actual history.

  4. Even though this movie is a clear reflection of Turkish romanticism, it seems to me that it is more realistic than most of the famous american movies. The idea is focusing on regular people to make money like all the other romantic ones. Briefly, I would also prefer a more realistic version for sure; however, I cannot accept that this movie is extra weird or ignorant compared to other nations and their movies.


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