October 24, 2012

Argo (2012)

Directed by: Ben Affleck
Country: USA

Summary: One man will try to rescue six fugitive American diplomatics from Iran.
Review: Ben Affleck is better successful as director rather than  actor. He smartly picks up interesting themes that he transforms with mastery in appealing and rousing pieces of cinema. “Argo” is a political thriller with an enormous amount of tension. The story was based in a real incident, when the members of US Embassy in Tehran were made hostages by Iranians in fury, during the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Six people, however, were able to escape and sought refuge in Canadian Ambassador’s residence. It was curious to see how the CIA cooperated with the movie industry to address the problem. Quality is present in the political movie of the year.


  1. I just saw it this week and I'm impressed by Affleck's direction, although his acting may have suffered a bit.


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