April 19, 2014

Me, Myself and Mum (2013)

Me, Myself and Mom (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Guillaume Gallienne
Country: France / Belgium

Movie Review: French actor Guillaume Gallienne wrote, directed and starred in “Me, Myself and Mum”, an autobiographical film that exposes his sexual dilemmas and the exceptional relationship with his very blunt, yet elegant mother. Adapted from his 2008 one-man stage show, multifaceted Guillaume plays the mother and himself, providing us some amusing scenic situations and pertinent dialogues. At the age of five, he remembered his mother calling him and his brothers to the dinner table, saying: ‘boys and Guillaume, to the table!’. Since that time, he got pretty confused about himself, but other occurrences of his childhood were also determinant, like when he was talking with his mother on the phone and she ended the conversation with ‘take care my big girl!’. These situations brought a great uncertainty in the effeminate and sports hater Guillaume, who really believed he was a girl in a man’s body. Becoming an attentive women’s observer to better understand his sexual tendencies, the charismatic and faint-hearted Guillaume will go through some awkward situations that include a traumatic visit to a Bavarian spa, a call for military service, and his first sexual encounter with a man. His late conclusions will end up in a creative play focused on a man who decides to assume his heterosexuality after his family has decided he was gay. Smartly written, funny, and accessible, “Me, Myself and Mum” excelled not only due to the brilliant performance of Gallienne, but also through his sturdy direction.

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