April 25, 2014

In Your Eyes (2014)

In Your Eyes (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Brin Hill
Country: USA

Movie Review: Have you ever imagined having a long distance conversation just with the power of your mind? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find in “In Your Eyes”, a telepathic romance written by Joss Whedon (“The Avengers”, “Much Ado About Nothing”) who also appears as executive producer, and directed by Brin Hill – his sophomore feature. The solitary Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) is an ex-con who’s trying to give some meaning to his boring life in New Mexico. Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) in turn is the insecure wife of a reputed doctor who puts business in front of everything. These two characters will learn they can communicate telepathically, feel what the other feels, and even see what’s going on, in the other side of the country. Like lunatics, they keep talking into the air, sharing their problems and concerns, and (guess what?) occasionally slapping themselves in the face as a punishment when the other deserves a lesson. Whedon’s concept defies the so trendy online relationships, but “In Your Eyes” touches the melodrama in several occasions and becomes pretty much unpersuasive. With a relaxed country music playing, some situations transpired humor, which was the most positive aspect of the film, while the plot, more dull than inventive, might warm your heart and numb your mind. Actress Zoe Kazan, however, confirmed to have talent and sensibility for roles of this kind, capturing my attention since her participation in the very much auspicious comedy “Ruby Sparks”, which she wrote.

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