August 29, 2013

Wild Girl Waltz (2012)

Wild Girl Waltz (2012) - Movie Review
Directed by: Mark Lewis
Country: USA

Movie Review: Indie spirit is alive in Mark Lewis’ second feature-film, “Wild Girl Waltz”, a comedy that takes us into an uncontrolled street adventure. Tara (Samantha Steinmetz) and Angie (Christina Shipp) are two friends who wanted more than the boredom of their day in a small town, and decided to take some ‘goofy pills’ to cheer life in a better way. Tara’s boyfriend, Brian (Jared Stern), will be their protector for all the afternoon, yet conniving with some of the girls’ pranks until they come back to normal. This low-budget film was shot in a raw way during only eight days; so don’t expect anything elegant or sophisticated. It was based on a simple and realistic plot that tries to involve us in some funny scenes. It’s far from perfection, though; there are issues in light setting, and the dialogues are not so special. The good aspects of “Wild Girl Waltz” are the direction/acting, which conveys the untidiness and freedom absolutely necessary for this kind of tale, as well as some occasional (what a pity they were so few) unexpected situations that gave a jolt to its regular pace. As for the jokes, I can’t say I was much impressed with all of them, but the ones that hit the spot made me laugh heartily. In terms of performances, Christina Shipp stood out among the trio, in a minimally entertaining film that, even with some setbacks, did a lot with so little.

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