August 28, 2013

Stories We Tell (2012)

Stories We Tell (2012) - Movie Review
Directed by: Sarah Polley
Country: Canada

Movie Review: After experiencing drama with “Away From Her” and romantic comedy with “Take This Waltz”, filmmaker Sarah Polley makes her debut on documentary with “Stories We Tell”, a very personal film in every sense of the word, since it uncovers a secret of her own family. The film works as a tribute to her mother’s memory, as well as a description of the process that led to her biological father. Narrated with a perfectly articulated voice by Michael Polley (her non-biological father), the film travels to the past, making us know what happened to Sarah’s mother, the genuine and intense actress Diane Polley, now deceased. This documentary, according to its creator, tells a story that had to be told due to its beauty and richness, and we can see it was made with appreciable affection and sensibility. Challenging the truth, interviews were made with everyone who was still alive and wanted to talk about the case, including her dad, half-siblings, her mom's presumed lover, her mom's real lover, friends and confidents. Among recollections, confessions, and revelations, super-8 footage was incorporated to better recreate the story and help us be acquainted with the characters. “Stories We Tell” is a touchy, funny, and incredibly interesting film that was conceived with a praiseworthy courage and high accuracy by a talented filmmaker who has so much to give. Recently this year, Toronto Film Critics Association has considered it the best documentary and best Canadian film of 2012.

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