March 19, 2015

Cinderella (2015)

Cinderella (2015) - Movie Review
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Country: USA

Movie Review: Competent film director, Kenneth Branagh, launched a contemporary version of Disney’s classic fairy-tale, “Cinderella”, which may not reunite consensus among enthusiasts of celebrated romantic fantasies. Despite  some new details added to the plot, the ‘song’ remains the same in its essence. Chris Weitz (“About a Boy”, “The Golden Compass”) was in charge of the screenplay, and therefore, the sweetness patent in the film doesn’t really surprise me. Branagh missed the opportunity to explore a bit more the maleficent stepmother, but in return there’s an explicit sense of purity, kindness, and forgiveness in Cinderella. It’s as if the story had put the bad aside to fixate itself in the perspective of the good. Instead of crying and sobbing while locked in her cold room, the confident Cinderella sings, with her beloved prince in mind, never losing hope in a better future. We can say the thrills are gone, but that fact made room for a stronger personality of the title character. Funny moments are not abundant, but we can find them occasionally, here and there. As for the romance, there’s some magic on several occasions. Lily James transpired candor as Cinderella, floating in her blue dress (costume design by Sandy Powell was commendable) and glass slippers, but it was the splendorous Cate Blanchett as the cruel stepmother who stole the show with an imposing performance of pure class. It’s a pity that Helen Bonham Carter has been so modest in her brief appearance as the Fairy Godmother. Overall, “Cinderella” is far from greatness but managed to entertain, exhibiting structural solidity and rich visuals illustrated with a range of resplendent colors.

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