December 01, 2014

The Imitation Game (2014)

The Imitation Game (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Morten Tyldum
Country: UK / USA

Movie Review: Norwegian filmmaker Morten Tyldum has in “The Imitation Game”, biopic thriller set in WWII about the British mathematician, cryptanalyst and pioneer computer scientist, Alan Turing, his first cinematic experience in American soil. The film was written by Graham Moore based on Andrew Hodges’ book, being set up with an advantageous dosage of humor but lacking the thrills or excitement of “Headhunters”, Tyldum’s successful Norwegian crime thriller that boosted his career in 2011. There’s no question about the interest and importance of what is depicted here. Our hero had a bright intelligence, an obsessed determination and the patience required to break the ‘unbreakable’ Nazi cipher machine called Enigma. To achieve that, he created another machine, which he baptized as Christopher, homage to a very close friend from High School times (presented in recurrent flashbacks). He also became the scientist to receive highest praise by Winston Churchill for his contribution to the Allies and its victories against Germany. However, his assumed homosexuality, despite of seeming completely swallowed by work, was punished in the UK at the time, forcing him to cope with a hormonal treatment that will lead him to ruin. Tyldum scrupulously followed the Hollywood conducts in a drama that many accuse of being an Oscar-bait. We can’t deny Turing’s merit but “The Imitation Game” never rushed to fill our eyes or touch our deep feelings. A very consistent performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, makes it acceptable, but in my opinion and regardless the efforts, Oscars shouldn’t come in this direction.

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