October 08, 2014

The Guest (2014)

The Guest (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Adam Wingard
Country: USA

Movie Review: After the good indications left on horror with “You’re Next” in 2011, American filmmaker Adam Wingard cooperates again with screenwriter Simon Barrett, in this brand new “The Guest”, a bustling option for the action-packed-thriller enthusiasts. The story focuses on David (Dan Stevens), a mysterious former soldier, returned from Afghanistan, who joins the family of a deceased companion, in order to give them all his support. Dan Stevens gives an exemplary performance, revealing the eyes of a meek goat but the agility and brain of a sly fox - a disturbed killing-machine ready to destroy without any remorse. The film, ridiculously funny, showed to be strained in several moments, making me smile openly while filling my eyes with energetic action and exciting moments. “The Guest” is not to take seriously and its dark conclusions are expected anytime, but at the same time I never stop to vibrate with its rowdy scene sequences, and consequently I was never bored. An aspect that deserves to be praised is the boldness assumed by the pair filmmaker-screenwriter, who embraced a provocative plot without complexes, sticking to each new scene with a conviction that embarrasses similar films that manifest more serious aspirations. Regardless its unsweetened tones, “The Guest” is an explosive treat, well-wrapped in modern colorful paper, but taking us back in time to the cult thrillers of the 80’s where the mood of “Terminator” and reference names such as John Carpenter or Brian de Palma come to our minds. Wingard is confirmed as an emergent director to follow closely in his next moves.

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