July 13, 2014

Spanish Affair (2013)

Spanish Affair (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Emilio Martinez Lázaro
Country: Spain

Movie Review: “Spanish Affair” is a very Spanish romantic comedy directed by Emilio Martinez Lázaro, taking advantage of the political questions that are in the base of the turmoil lived between Basque country, which seeks independence for several years, and Spain. The story starts in Sevilla where Rafa, a bon vivant who doesn’t know any other place beyond Andaluzia, was being the king of the night by telling some pretty good jokes about Basques. Irony of the destiny, since he meets Amaia, a Basque young woman who seemed bored for celebrating her bachelor party. After one-night stand, Amaia escapes without a word, but Rafa finds an excuse to travel to Basque country, becoming leader of the local separatists, as well as the suitable substitute for Antxon, Amaia’s fiancé who had broken up with her a few days before. Pretending to be Antxon, he will try to convince Amaia’s father, a rough fisherman, that he is a true Basque with eight surnames. Comedy of circumstances with political teasing, “Spanish Affair” is an easygoing film that plays effectively with language. In spite of the good timing of the majority of its gags, the conventional style adopted and predictable outcomes, prevented a greater satisfaction. It worths essentially for its chirpy nature and some inspired moments that revealed a good openness of mind regarding a turbulent internal conflict. The lamentable finale was a pity, but with the huge success in Spain, there’s already a sequel announced for 2015, with the same actors, writers, and director.

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