September 02, 2012

Love And Bruises (2011)

Directed by: Lou Ye
Country: France / China

Plot: Two strangers fall into a relationship defined by need and instability in this emotional drama.
Review: From controversial Chinese director Lou Ye, "Love and Bruises" is a complex story that lives from the sexual games played by its characters. The plot follows a Chinese woman studying in Paris, who starts a sick relationship with the man who rapes her. The story is a multi-cultural mess that only sticks with you for the worst reasons and the camera work didn't catch the eye. “Summer Palace”(2006) and especially "Suzhou River"(2000), are much more attractive works from Lou Ye, who was born in Shanghai and was graduated from Beijing Film Academy. His 2012's feature film named "Mistery", opened the section "Un Certain Regard" at Cannes Film Festival.
Relevant awards: -

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