August 22, 2012

The Minister (2011)

Directed by: Pierre Scholler
Country: France

Plot: Political drama following Minister for Transport, Bertrand Saint-Jean, as he struggles to cope with personal problems and the darker side of being in a position of power.
Review: A detailed look at life of Bertrand Saint-Jean, French minister for transport and a man from the people, who only lives for his profession. Here, we can witness the constant stress and schemes as part of political games, the loneliness felt when things don't go right, the back and forth in crucial decisions, and many more. With a lot of dialog over almost 2 hours, “The Minister” is what it is, and doesn’t really want to show anything more than a man’s obsessed dedication to his image and career. It just has a peculiar and engaging way to show it.
Relevant awards: FIPRESCI prize (Cannes).

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