July 31, 2012

Here (2011)

Directed by: Braden King
Country: USA

Plot: Cartographer Will Shepard hits the road for his latest job in Armenia. During his assignment, he forms a bond with an Armenian expatriate and art photographer.
Review: A very natural way was chosen to present the evolving relationship between an American man working temporarily in Armenia and a local woman who has recently returned from abroad. Both decide to cross the country, sharing experiences. With a simplistic story, a very slow pace and no startles to make you come out of the chair, this is a road-movie that should not be seen when tired or sleepy. Definitely not for everyone, the contemplative way of filming and acting may please the fans of the realistic genre but it will be labeled as boring by the ones looking for excitement. Give it a shot.
Relevant awards: CICAE award (Berlin).

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