December 29, 2014

Two Days, One Night (2014)

Two Days, One Night (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Country: Belgium / others

Movie Review: The talented Dardenne brothers never needed complex ideas to make an interesting film and “Two Days, One Night” proves exactly that, following the steps of “The Kid With a Bike”. The realism of every scene is almost everything they need to engage us in their contemporary stories where a lot of emotional stuff is going on, compelling us to identify ourselves with the misfortunes and joys of the characters. After going through a torturous depression, Sandra is apt to return to work. However, she is informed that her future in the solar panel factory where she works, will be decided by her 16 co-workers, who will vote to choose between keep her in the company or receive a deserved annual bonus for their hard work. Sandra has exactly two days and one night to talk personally with every one of them, explaining how important, to her and her family, is to keep that job. It’s noteworthy how the Dardennes easily manage to play with the viewers’ conscience and put us in a situation where it would be hard to make a choice, in case we had too. On the one hand, I felt sympathy for Sandra, thinking she deserved her place back in the company, while on the other hand, I understood that for some, a €1000 bonus, which would pay a year of gas and electricity, could be difficult to decline. Reactions and motives were distinct, making the unstable Sandra oscillate in her depressive state. Marillon Cotillard, even playing a depressive role, was capable to enchant, in her best performance since “La Vie en Rose”. The brothers’ direction was outstanding, preferring a modest but realistic closer look into the situation, in detriment of visually intense scenarios or beautiful background landscapes. Socially pertinent and simultaneously composed of sadness and triumph, “Two Days, One Night” definitely, is a drama to be watched.

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